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Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

Air-Operated Single Diaphragm Pumps

Product Description:

Slurry Pumps
(ODS® Air-Operated Single Diaphragm Pumps)
Manufacturer: Dorr Oliver
Number of units: 4
Unused (!)
Model: 15 RO ( 1 ½ )
Type: B - with inline ball-check valve
Variant: Spring-assisted
Timer: 3 sequences (filling time, interval, discharge time) Max. no. of cycles: 20 strokes per minute
Pump body capacity: 1.9 litres
Max. flow: 2.3 cbm (based on water) Max. discharge head: 50 m (based on water) Max. particle size: 6 mm
Design pressure: 6 bars
Test pressure: 9 bars
Connections: DN 35 (suction & discharge), drilling DIN 2543

Materials: Body - cast iron
Diaphragm - neoprene rubber
All wetted parts rubber-lined (neoprene)

Accessories: - Pressure gauges with plug valves
- Solenoid valves
- Pressure reducers with gauge
- Air strainers
- Timers (all 4 built-in one electrical box)
- Proximity switches (high & low)
- Anchor bolts


IHB international

‘Dead capital' is a very common phenomenon in industry, more so than in any other sector. What do you do with your surplus inventory? Or your unsaleable articles? Usually, these items are just wasting away somewhere or are occupying precious space, while they could still bring in money if they were sold. And that is exactly what IHB International organises for you.

Since 2005, IHB International has specialised in the purchase and sale of surplus and superfluous equipment in the broadest sense of the word. IHB International makes sure that surplus goods are turned into liquid assets, puts an end to storage costs and ensures that more space becomes available again, in physical as well as financial terms.

IHB International has a VIHB certificate (Transporters, Collectors, Dealers and Mediators of waste products) and is therefore permitted to transport, recycle or destroy defective or surplus machines that are not suitable for selling. In addition, IHB may purchase, transport and sell recyclable waste products.

IHB International takes care of:

  • Selling your surplus machines, production lines, etc.
  • Dismantling, transporting and storing the equipment.
  • Complete clearance of businesses.
  • Purchasing your unsaleable supplies.
  • Transporting, recycling and destroying unsaleable machines.