Slurry Pomp

Dorr Oliver Pneumatisch aangedreven slurry pomp

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Slurry Pumps
(ODS® Air-Operated Single Diaphragm Pumps)
Manufacturer: Dorr Oliver
Number of units: 4
Unused (!)
Model: 15 RO ( 1 ½ )
Type: B - with inline ball-check valve
Variant: Spring-assisted
Timer: 3 sequences (filling time, interval, discharge time) Max. no. of cycles: 20 strokes per minute
Pump body capacity: 1.9 litres
Max. flow: 2.3 cbm (based on water) Max. discharge head: 50 m (based on water) Max. particle size: 6 mm
Design pressure: 6 bars
Test pressure: 9 bars
Connections: DN 35 (suction & discharge), drilling DIN 2543

Materials: Body - cast iron
Diaphragm - neoprene rubber
All wetted parts rubber-lined (neoprene)

Accessories: - Pressure gauges with plug valves
- Solenoid valves
- Pressure reducers with gauge
- Air strainers
- Timers (all 4 built-in one electrical box)
- Proximity switches (high & low)
- Anchor bolts


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