*Middleman formula *

If you want to sell surplus industrial equipment, then IHB International will organise this for you on a commission basis. In other words: a middleman formula.

IHB has built up an enormous database and a broad international network. This is actively maintained and therefore, IHB knows which companies might be in need of certain machines. For every offer we rapidly analyse through which sales channel the item can be sold best and/or the fastest. This works as follows:

-        *Making an inventory and catalogue*
We come inspect the equipment at your location. Together with you we draw up a precise description of the offered items. This is supplemented with photos, technical details and specifications, the original value and taxation of the current value. Based on that, we determine the asking price and then prepare a full colour catalogue page or a separate catalogue.

-        *Approaching potential buyers*
Subsequently, IHB International starts looking for potential buyers. Your offer is spread through the IHB network and one of our agents, who sees the highest chance of scoring, takes on the assignment. Simultaneously, your equipment is offered to target groups from our database that are selected beforehand. We also purchase new address files that match your offer. In this way, IHB reaches hundreds of potential national and international buyers in just a few weeks.

-        *Finalising*
If you wish, we will also take care of dismantling, transporting and, if necessary, storing the equipment for you after the sale has been finalised.

*IHB International relieves your worries!*

IHB International can organise everything regarding the sale of your equipment from start to finish. Don’t let your capital wither away: contact us today!